Wish Cards! Yay Wish cards! Let’s make wish cards!

At the end of every year we try to find a new way to have fun for us and for our friends. We love to create cute small objects to send. What will be the next one ? Tintintiiiin...

Let’s go for a new adventure! For 2018, Playground is moving to Amsterdam, but still also in Paris!


New year, new representation agency! To celebrate, we made their wish card, and ours too. Huge discovery of the Terrazzo pattern, huge love, why not making a bit more fun?




The year before was quite a bad year in France. Let’s try to make it happier! We made a double-sided poster where this is no ‘half-empty glass’, even if you think so. Choose you side.

67_wish1 67_wish2

For 2015 we made a big big poster experimenting around geometrical patterns mixing shapes, illustrations and letters.

71_voeux1 71_voeux2

To celebrate the start of 2014 we made a 3 colors silkscreen card where the phrase “it’s more than the time”, as… hum… we were a bit late.

87_voeux187_voeux2 87_voeux3

2013 was the end of our first year. We wanted to assume our “print-side”, and sent to our habitual clients a raw cardboard silkscreened front & back.

100_20133100_20132100_20131  100_20134